Relationship & Marriage Counselling Sunshine Coast

Our Psychologists have significant experience helping couples with relationship or marriage counselling in wide a variety of issues, including but not limited to:

  • Emotional intimacy issues
  • Emotional connection and communication difficulties
  • Financial conflict or differences
  • Jealousy issues
  • Infidelity or betrayal issues
  • Life changing events, work-stress or physical conditions that impact on the relationship
  • Family issues, such as step-parent family issues
  • Parenting issues
  • Religious/spirituality differences
  • Work/home role strain
  • Personality differences
  • Separation and divorce issues
  • Dealing with physical, emotional and verbal abuse issues in a relationship
  • Dealing with physical differences in drive or desire

Do you and your spouse feel your relationship needs improving? Would you like to enhance your relationship or your communication with your spouse? Do you and your spouse want a loving, stable relationship for the long-term? Do you and your partner want to strengthen your relationship and avoid a breakdown? Relationship / marriage or couples counselling can strengthen and stabilise relationships, create happiness and stability in the home and create a better family environment. Would your relationship benefit from pre-marriage education sessions?

How do you and your spouse discuss or argue about conflict or differences? Do you or your spouse bring up differences with each other in an unforgiving way? Does criticism, contempt, name-calling, hostile humour or stone-walling characterise the way you and your spouse talk to each other? Do you and your partner feel the way you sort through conflict doesn’t work? Do you and your spouse argue about the same issues constantly and never progress or resolve the conflict? Do you or your partner find it difficult to talk about the conflict in your relationship?

Do you feel your relationship issues are ongoing or feel the problems don’t appear to be solvable? Do you and your partner feel you have less time for one another given time pressures such as work, children and other time constants? Is it difficult to find a way to come to an agreement with your partner? Is there less compromise or negotiation lately? Does it feel like you and your spouse are constantly playing the blame game? Do you have a negative stereotype of each other? Do you feel like you and your partner are stuck in an unhelpful pattern? Has your relationship been impacted by infidelity or betrayal? Has substance dependence, abuse or dependence impacted on your relationship? Does it feel like your relationship is never meeting your emotional or physical needs? Has your relationship been plagued by poor communication?

Do you feel you are the only one working on your relationship or solving relationship problems on your own? Are you concerned you may be in an abusive, dysfunctional, unstable or unhealthy relationship? Are family and friends concerned about your relationship? Are you repeating old patterns in this relationship? Are you still experiencing pain from the loss of a relationship? Are you choosing partners with traits of invalidation or rejection? Are you in a one-sided relationship?