Online Counselling

Often our Clients prefer familiar surroundings when discussing personal issues with our Psychologists.  In this way, we are pleased to be able to provide a discrete online consultation.  The consultation is similar to a face to face session and differs only in the fact that the session takes place online.

We have found this service to be particularly useful to those who live in remote areas and may not have an adequate choice of providers available in the local area.

The process is quite simple.  All online consultations are performed via Skype.  This software is free to download and to use, and provides the client and psychologist with a high quality voice and video connection over their computers.  You will require a reliable internet connection of sufficient speed to be able to utilise this service.

Please check our appointment calendar for available times and contact us for an appointment.

To prepare for the appointment be sure you have completed the following steps before the reserved appointment time:

  • Download and install the Skype software.
  • Create a Skype account for yourself or use an existing account.
  • Be sure to have a quality headset with microphone so that the consultation call quality is acceptable.
  • Test that your connection works correctly by using the inbuilt Skype connection test call.
  • To begin the session please click the Skype Icon below or manually call SunshineCoastPsychologyServices within Skype itself.

To create the skype session, click on the “Call Me” button of your respective psychologist in our contact section.

Just a side note, there’s a fantastic online counselling service starting up shortly.  At present they’re in launch mode looking for talented and qualified  Counsellors and Psychologists.  Have look this new online counselling option.