Employee Assistance Programs

Sunshine Coast Psychology Services operates a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program, providing a free, confidential and offsite counselling service for Employees via their Employer organisation.  We have been providing EAP services to a number of diverse organisations on the Sunshine Coast since 2005.  Our Employee Assistance Program has assisted many individuals address both work-related and personal issues.  Additionally, our psychologists have comprehensive experience in assisting individuals to cope with anxiety or depression and address communication difficulties both personally and in the workplace.

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What is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or Employee Assistance Service (EAS)?

Employee Assistance Programs are programs that assist and benefit Employees.  They are offered by Employer Organisations and are intended to assist Employees deal with personal or work-related problems that might adversely impact their work performance, health or well-being.  The Employee Assistance Program includes short-term counselling and referral services for Employees and their families for a predetermined number of sessions.  Our Employee Assistance Program has been developed so that Employees have a free and confidential source of counselling for any workplace or personal issues.

How can EAP help me?

Everyone occasionally experiences difficult times either personally or at work.  Most employers recognises these needs and may provide an EAP at no cost to employees.  You could consult with your Human Resources Department, your manager or supervisor to determine if your organisation provides an EAP service specifically through Sunshine Coast Psychology Services.

The Sunshine Coast Psychology Services Employee Assistance Program is confidential, offsite and can assist with a diverse range of issues including: work-place stress or incidents, interpersonal conflict, communication difficulties, personal relationship or family issues, stress, anger or anxiety management issues, depression, or sleeping difficulties. We consult with Clients attending under EAP for a vast range of work-related or personal issues.

Number of Sessions?

If your organisation provides an EAP through Sunshine Coast Psychology Services, you may need to discuss the number of sessions to which you are entitled.  If you require more sessions than your entitlement, there may be other options for further psychological interventions that you can discuss with your psychologist.  Most people do not need a large number of consultations and this will depend on the nature and seriousness of your problem(s).  We will try to give you an estimate of how many consultations we would suggest, at your first consultation.

What are the costs of an EAP?

Employees may need to discuss the number of sessions you are entitled to with your Employer (as different organisation have different Employee entitlements) or you could clarify this with your EAP provider.  Your Employer provides a predetermined number of counselling sessions through your organisation and the service is at no cost to the Employee.  However, your Employer is not responsible for any services that are in excess of the entitled number of sessions.

We are happy to assist Employer Organisations set up an EAP for their Employees.  Please call (07) 5444 7846 or email admin@sunshinecoastpsychologyservices.com to discuss potential EAP services and we are happy to provide you with information including flyers.  Once an EAP service is set up, Employees can then call us directly to make an appointment.  Fees for EAP services may differ slightly to individual consultations.