Psychologist Profiles

Gail Baker – Psychologist

Gail Baker is a fully registered and University qualified psychologist.  As the owner of Sunshine Coast Psychology Services, she has 19 years experience in some of the most demanding areas of  counselling and psychology.

Gail Baker Psychologist Sunshine CoastGail works with individuals, couples and organisations by utilising evidence based therapies to achieve measurable results for her clients.

Each individual case is approached on it’s own merits allowing a range of specific therapies to be utilised in helping achieve the desired goals.

Having worked in some of the most demanding areas of psychology and counselling, Gail provides expertise that is considered, highly experienced and heartfelt.

Gail Baker commenced private practice 16 years ago in February 2005, and established Sunshine Coast Psychology Services in 2007.  She is a fully registered Psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority (AHPRA) and a full Member of the Australian Psychological Society.

Gail completed a Bachelor of Science Psychology Honours Degree at the University of South Queensland (USQ) in 2001, a Bachelor of Science Psychology with majors in Psychology in 2000 and also completed a multi-faceted major in Communications in 1996.  Gail received the USC Dean’s Commendations for Outstanding Achievement in 2000 and the  Central Queensland University  Neil Hope Prize for Communication in 1996.

Gail has previous experience working in areas of clinical assessment (including psychometric testing) and providing evidence-based interventions, such as cognitive behavioural and interpersonal therapies.  She has worked with individuals from a wide range of ages from children from 10 years, adolescents, adults to the elderly and couples.

Gail has consulted with Clients with varying types of presentations including Clients who have presented with anxiety, depression, panic, relationship issues, substance abuse and dependence issues, gambling to name a few.  Gail has also consulted with Clients who have experienced domestic violence, physical, verbal and sexual assaults, the victims of crimes, including the victims of childhood sexual abuse.  Gail continues to consult with Clients with symptoms of generalised anxiety, panic, social anxiety, depressive disorders, relationship counselling and works with Clients within an extensive range of conditions and issues.

Gail utilises individual therapy depending on the needs of The Client including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Psychodynamic interventions and relationship counselling.

Gail’s approach to relationship counselling is Gottman relationship therapy as her principal framework which allows couples to have an improved understanding of their partner’s perspective and ultimately creates a better connection for the couple. Gail has completed Level 2 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and uses the Gottman Method Couples Therapy in  relationship counselling.  She additionally utilises Interpersonal Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to support the Gottman framework.

Ryan Dixon – Psychologist

Ryan is a highly skilled and compassionate General Psychologist with full AHPRA registration and a wealth of experience in the field. He holds a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) from Central Queensland University, complemented by a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management from Charles Sturt University. Currently, Ryan is furthering his expertise through ongoing study in a Graduate Diploma in Relationship Counselling.

With a comprehensive background in psychological assessment and counselling, Ryan has successfully assisted Clients dealing with a wide range of conditions and issues. His areas of specialisation include depression, generalised anxiety, panic disorders, social anxiety, depressive disorders, work-related stress, adjustment to injury, anger and stress management, as well as relationship issues. Employing evidence-based therapeutic strategies, Ryan integrates a variety of approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, psycho-education, relaxation strategies, and skills training. He is adept at tailoring these strategies to meet the unique needs of adults and adolescents aged 17 years and older.

Throughout his career, Ryan has provided invaluable support to Clients in the private sector, catering to those referred under a GP Mental Health Care Plan, Employee Assistance Programs, as well as other funding arrangements including Work Cover, insurance, and the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). Additionally, Ryan has designed, implemented, and evaluated group treatment programs, ensuring comprehensive care for his Clients.

Ryan’s expertise extends to vocational assessments, with a demonstrated ability to manage Employment Assistance Programs for companies. He has successfully handled a caseload of compensable injuries, encompassing both psychological and physical conditions. In collaboration with other allied health professionals, including general practitioners, occupational therapists, and physiotherapists, Ryan has developed rehabilitation and return-to-work programs. His collaborative approach extends to liaising with government personnel, insurance companies, and large corporate businesses, leading to favourable outcomes in the field of rehabilitation.

Drawing from his six years of service as a uniformed member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), Ryan possesses a unique understanding of the challenges faced by military personnel and their families. This experience enables him to provide specialised support to veterans, ensuring tailored care and guidance to address their specific needs.

Ryan’s dedication to fostering healthy and fulfilling relationships is a focal point of his practice. He has completed Level 1 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, utilising this acclaimed framework to promote deeper understanding and connection between partners. His commitment to ongoing professional development and his genuine passion for helping couples realise their best relationship potential make Ryan an exceptional choice for relationship counselling.

With Ryan’s qualifications, evidence-based therapeutic approaches, and commitment to continuous growth, he provides a safe and nurturing environment for individuals and couples seeking psychological and counselling services. Ryan’s diverse skill set, and empathetic approach enable him to make a meaningful difference in the lives of his Clients, supporting them on their journey towards improved well-being and relationship satisfaction.

Wendy Singer – Psychologist

Wendy Singer commenced with us on the 1st February 2021 after working overseas for a number of years. Wendy is a highly skilled Psychologist with a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology.  She has full AHPRA registration as a General Psychologist and has professional associate membership of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Wendy has various experiences, including working in the Northern Australia Primary Health Ltd (NAPHL), Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service in the United Kingdom (UK), volunteering at an inpatient’s facility and working within a correctional facility.  Wendy managed the Suicide Prevention Service Program in Mackay early in her career.  She has previously been a liaison for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service and has presented her own research at the International Mental Health Conference. 

Throughout her career, Wendy has provided evidence-based psychological interventions, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Schema Therapy, and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), for Clients with various presenting issues, including anxiety and depression. Wendy has worked from a multi-disciplinary approach with medical and allied health professionals. Wendy uses CBT where the Client and the Psychologist identify and change negative thinking patterns and promote positive behavioural changes.

Wendy has a preference for integrative therapies, mainly Schema Therapy that explores and challenges unhelpful beliefs or “schemas”, coping styles and interpersonal relationships, and CFT which aims to help promote mental and emotional healing by encouraging Clients to be compassionate toward themselves and others.

Wendy has experience working with Clients with a wide range of conditions and issues including depression, generalised anxiety, panic, social anxiety, depressive disorders, work-related stress, anger and stress management, tic disorders, and personality disorders. She has worked with Clients in the private sector including individuals referred under a GP Mental Health Care Plan or self-referred Clients. Wendy has worked in collaboration with other health and allied health professionals. Wendy consults with Clients from the age of 12 years and adults and has an interest in consulting with Clients with relationship issues in the future.